This spring, whether you are tall or thin, just buy this coat!

The weather was cold and hot these two days. The editor who hadn’t been out for a long time finally realized that the season change began! I began to pack up my winter clothes at home. What will I wear when I meet my little sisters next week? I guess I need to wear these

In days with big temperature difference between morning and evening, you can still rely on quilts at home, and basically you can only rely on clothes outside. This year’s long coats are really popular. Have you found them? And the editor wants to say, long coats are also suitable for small sisters, but be careful not to choose too fancy styles. Simple and clean windbreaker and suit windcoat can be tried.

Plaid coats have been popular for a long time, but have you found that it is easy to wear some treasure style without attention? Try the same color matching like this, and don’t forget the importance of accessories.

Dark color is of course low-key and versatile, but sometimes it is easy to look dark if you don’t wear it well, but try to downgrade and choose brown, gray, dark green and other color systems, don’t forget when large areas of dark color, use a little light color to balance, such as this white shirt.

Appropriate skin exposure also has the same effect. If the indoor heating is extremely sufficient, you can wear it like this. If you often stay outdoors, it is not recommended. It is easy to catch cold and have diarrhea when exposed like this.

In addition to matching trousers, the editors also recommend that you use long coats to match long skirts, and try to choose lighter tailoring designs for skirts, which is the matching method that many designer brands especially like when changing seasons in autumn and winter.

If you are especially afraid of the long coat pressing your height, you can also choose to “take the initiative” to raise the position of waist line. Although this belt is a bit too high, it really shows that the legs are long.

The thin long leather coat has always been one of the favorite coats of foreign bloggers in the fashion week every year, which is cool and stylish enough.

Because the leather itself has its own sense of heaviness, try not to choose too heavy style for internal match, otherwise the whole person looks really depressed. When the overall look is relatively thick, more attention should be paid to the color matching. Whether it is a white vest, a small white shoe or a white trousers below, the shape can be much lighter.

If you are often indoors, it is also a good choice to choose light chiffon, silk shirt or long skirt as the inner match.

Now there is also a leather style that looks like PVC texture, which is more suitable for cool girls to try.