The long-sleeved dress that ins bloggers all turned over makes the awkward season change attractive.

The season of long-sleeved dress has finally come. If you still want to wear a small dress but are afraid of cold, you might as well choose a long-sleeved one. It can not only maintain the elegance but also ensure the temperature, and it can be fashionable to the end in the early spring wind. After all, when we girls pursue beauty, we should also dress according to the season!

Long sleeve dress saves your embarrassment change season

Let’s talk about the advantages of long-sleeved dress first, which can not only satisfy our girls’ desire to put on the dress as soon as possible in the early spring of Wei Leng, but also guarantee a little temperature. Wear leather coat, denim coat, jacket, suit, even down jacket …… Both can match well. Can say is late winter and early spring high frequency wearing pieces one!

Choice of long sleeve dress

Tulle chiffon

Chiffon tulle long dress is the most elegant, in fact, in terms of matching, this kind of dress made of material will have better draping feeling. The editor thinks that if you buy long-sleeved dress, the chiffon style is absolutely the first choice, which looks advanced and easy to wear.

In early spring, you can choose some colors with the feeling of autumn and winter, or colorless black and white, all of which are quite colorful. Such a gentle and elegant dress with a pair of sneakers is the style that fashionable people usually wear ~

Retro printing style

If you are worried that it will be cold if you wear it alone, a windbreaker or a solid color suit outside will be good enough.

In terms of printing, leopard print or retro flower modeling are mostly chosen. These two kinds are also the most impressive. Compared with Xiaoduo’s printing, this kind of printing style is more mature.

Sleeves with a sense of design

If you think the ordinary dress is too boring, then this year many bloggers choose the dress that makes a fuss on the sleeves. For example, bubble sleeves, trumpet sleeves, and the style with a row of buttons on the cuff all win a lot in details. Compared with ordinary dresses, this kind of dress is quite brilliant.

If the arms are not slim enough, you can use long sleeves with design sense to cover them.

The bubble sleeves and super long sleeves that have been popular for two years and will continue to be popular this year are still fashionable to wear now ~

Fresh white style

The last thing I want to say is the fresh white dress. Who can not have a white long-sleeved dress with the taste of first love!

Today’s white dress gets rid of the dull impression in the past, and has many choices in details, tailoring and fabric, which makes the white dress not monotonous and interesting.
If you don’t have a long-sleeved dress yet, then what? Buy it quickly!