Do you like acrylic coffin nails? I like!

Yesterday I checked the patterns of short square nails for you. Today we will look at the types of acrylic coffin nails.

Exaggerated and personalized style

The above styles are very suitable for wild parties. This kind of nail will make you the queen of the party and open up the air.

Bright and vibrant style

These nail styles are very suitable for girlfriends’ party, making people feel pure, beautiful and charming.

Usual and popular styles

All of the above styles are suitable for our daily life, as well as for long nails and short nails. I guarantee that any of the above styles will make you stand out in the crowd, although it’s very common, but it’s also very fashionable.

Glamorous and flamboyant style

Color is the direct way to highlight the charm of nails. The above styles can make people shine in design and color. Girls can copy them directly

Style with unique shape

Nails are either round or square, like the above several pointed styles can highlight the girl’s personality. If you are tired of regular nails, try these kinds.

Today’s sharing is here. What style of nails do you want to see? Please leave me a message.