35 Easy acrylic blue nail ideas in different nail shapes for Summer 2021!

These fabulous acrylic blue nail ideas are super unique and charming, and the blue nail ideas will give you a stylish look and give your nails a whole new edge. The blue nail designs below and on the next page include different shades, such as shimmery blue nails, 3D blue nails, navy blue nails, dark blue nails. Not only varied nail color ideas, but also we give different nail shapes for you. We hope these nail designs will provide you with the inspiration you need to create your beautiful Summer nail designs in 2021.

Thinking about finishing a blue nail design but can’t find the perfect nail design? If so, we are here to help you! We found 35 of the most stylish acrylic blue nails on Instagram. There are many different nail colors and nail shapes to choose from, but we select blue nails in coffin nails, almond nails, square nails today because they wear quickly; the nail color is bright, and the nail shape does not have a sharp end, which is also one of the most popular shapes. So, take a look; there are many different designs, including French gradient, glitter, etc. Now, your only problem is deciding which one to try!

Frosted varnish blue nail polish can be any length long nails look good all – make it one or choose a design: by residents in the sea, fish, starfish, whales) on the nail of paint or decorate to reveal the ocean theme Waving one or more nails (for example, the following shows blue frosted nail sample).

Dark blue coffin nail design for the Summer beach vacation!

Pastel blue nails with almond nails

Glitter blue and pink nails for prom

Dark blue square nails with white colors

Ombre blue coffin nails design to be cool

Matte blue nails can be elegant in any occasion!

Baby blue nail in short nail shape ideas

Rainbow nails with blue round nails

Single blue nails design

Navy blue nails design ideas

Colorful pastel nail design ideas for bright summer nail colors!

Sky blue nails design with clouds!

French tip nails with blue colors

Blue butterfly nails ideas to fly freely in the busy life!