32 Best short pixie haircut ideas 2021 to try!

A pony among the goblins goes very well with your face shape, especially if they have an avant-garde character or are strong. The side-lying bangs are suitable for a heart-shaped or square face, while the nearsighted, bluntly visible bangs are suitable for an elliptical look. So the goblins get the same hairstyle as the goblins.

Short haircut

The classic elf hairstyle is a timeless look. The whole body is concise, looks very suitable for most face shapes, and has a bold style. Short elf hair doesn’t require a lot of styling and maintenance. However, you can use some messy styling products to create a casual vibe or try complicated side stitches to create a more elegant look.

But you need to know: just like a flat head, this asymmetrical edge cut takes some time in the salon to keep it in its best condition. To get the best value for money and make future hair changes easier, Matt Fugate, the hairstylist of Serge Normant of John Frieda in New York, advises your hairdresser to use scissors razors to cut both. Sides of the hair instead of traditional scissors. He said, “With a razor, hair grows to a length. It looks weird.

If you cut your hair with scissors, your hairdresser can make some adjustments, which means you can spend more time cutting your hair.
With a razor, you can push the hair longer because it will make the hair thinner’s ends, making them softer and more feminine. Fugate recommends talking to your hairdresser and asking him to clean your bangs as quickly as you clean your bangs every two to three weeks; some hairdressers may be willing to have your hair fixed for less than what you pay for the whole body.

Very short pixie haircut

A very short pixie hairstyle will give you a bold, modern, and trendy look. Longer than an inch, faster than the classic elves, the very short fairies are suitable for those with natural thick hair and angular features. With charming makeup, you will look more feminine or straightforward, honest, and neutral.

Short Pixie Haircut with Bang Design

Adding bangs to your elf hairstyle can make a super short hairstyle more suited to your face shape, especially if you have edgy features or a strong chin line. The side bangs are suitable for heart-shaped or square faces, while the short, blunt bangs are suitable for oval faces, making the overall hairstyle look like an elf.