26 Bling Glitter nails for acrylic coffin nails ideas with rhinestones 2021

Acrylic Coffin nail designs look awesome, especially with a long nails, but you don’t have to have long nails to take part in this trend. Coffin acrylic nails are especially fancy with plenty of nail designs for fantastic manicure types. In fact, we’ve found enough nail designs that you’ll be set all year. However, if just nude nails color is a little boring, why not put some rhenistone to make your coffin nails shiny and bling bling ? Try these glitter rhinestone coffin nails!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite coffin nails to give you enough nail ideas to last forever. We’ve got from glitter through french tip, as well as designer nails and everything in between. Don’t worry fellow nail addict! We’ve got you covered. Let’s find your next best coffin nail ideas and amp up your existing nail polish idea too.

Our first coffin nail idea is a space-age shimmer design. Use a shimmery mother of pearl polish on most of your nails for a futuristic glow. On the accent nails, load up on glitter and rhinestones in the same mother of pearl shade for a rainbow effect within some serious sparkle.

Minimal colors don’t have to be boring. Coffin nail ideas can turn the neutral manicure on its head by using two different neutral shades of pink in a fun ombre effect. On the accent nails, paint the entire nail the darker of the two neutral colors and add rhinestone designs for extra sparkle. Subdued but not boring.

Need a black-tie look that doesn’t sacrifice style? These nails begin with an almond and pink ombre. They are accented with chunky gold glitter on other nails. On two accent nails, draw a simple black line down the middle and accent it with rhinestones. It pairs well with that formal designer gown and the flashes of paparazzi cameras.