23 Best Bohemian Hairstyles For Long Hair You’ll love 2021

Bohemian hairstyles for long hair are worth mastering because they are creative, beautiful, and wild. In addition, bohemian hairstyles do not require much time and effort, making them ideal for any girl. We have super hairstyles in bohemian style, which you can control on any day and at any music festival. Loose hair, a fashionable bun, or a ponytail is all good, but it will look a little boring if it is always this way. This is why you need to have something else on hand.

Bohemian hairstyles are worth mastering because they are creative, beautiful, and sometimes even a little wild. In addition, bohemian hairstyles do not require much time and effort, making them ideal for any girl, whether it is an ordinary day or a day in isolation. We have collected some super popular hairstyles for your bohemian look, which you can master every day, no matter what the occasion!

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There are also many ways you can control these styles. You can add some colors or even accessories to make it your style. If you like natural life, there are many accessories made from plant parts. Nature can be your inspiration for creating these fantastic styles. Try and create your style.

1. Boho hairstyle for long hair

Take the bohemian hair down and wear a simple makeup on the forehead instead of on the top of the head—comb hair type lock.

Bohemian wedding hairstyles half up half down

There is a way to make your hair half up and half down, braid it, and finally, tie a ponytail or knot on the top of your head. Although the popularity of space bread has declined, they are still cool, and we hope to see more space bread at the festival this summer!

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Bohemian braids hairstyles

This twisted half ponytail looks beautiful on her long hair. If you don’t have waist-length hair, you can also choose this hairstyle. Pull up the hair on both sides of the hair close to the ears and fix it loosely. Pull the ponytail apart and place a finger between the ponytail and the head. Turn the end of the ponytail over and braid it into your favorite hairstyle. Regular braids will be as beautiful as this fishtail.

cute bohemian hairstyles with fishtail

If you want to try a variety of bohemian hairstyles, don’t forget the fishtail braid. This simple braid, such as a French braid, can tie up all your hair, side-knit, or even hang down, just like you saw above, creating a romantic feeling. Try it. You will always love braids!

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Bohemian-style hair is long and layered and looks very special. If your hair color is multi-tone or crazy colors, such as soft hair or fashionable gradient, then the glamour effect will be more substantial. However, the powerful feature of this style is braided, all braids. Look by yourself!

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bohemian crochet hairstyles for wild soul

Like to stand out from the crowd? Let your hair scream! Make sure you have a lot of ethnic-style accessories. If you want to attract others with your creative hairstyle, you have to have enough time. This must be a fascinating start: a matted bun with a fashionable headband or an exaggerated half-waist with many beads and colorful feathers.

Boho hairstyle with Floral Hair Accessories

You already have this style if you have ever picked a flower and put it behind your ear. It’s really easy to add a bohemian style to your hairstyle. You can use artificial or natural flowers to achieve this beautiful appearance and place them wherever you want. The freedom of kind is the point, so enjoy it.